Ho Chi Minh City
The most vibrant city of Vietnam. Formerly named Saigon and known as the Pearl of The Far East in the early of 20th century.
Must-see at Ho Chi Minh City
Things you shouldn't miss at this city

Temples & Pagodas
Magnificent and historic temples and pagodas.

City's chinatown with roots dating back to 1778.

Life in Saigon, Past and Present
A collection of insights, oddities, and andecdotes that provide a different perspective on one of Southeast Asia's most exciting cities.

Vietnam War
Vestiges of Vietnam War, the war that killed millions of lives.

Historical Figures
Prominent figures who had been attached to city's different historic periods.

Different Walks of Life
Deeper slices of lives of city's elegant figures.

Like a Local
Immersed in city's culture via the history and people's lives.

Landmark Architecture
Beautiful buildings and structures throughout city's history.

Pearl of the Far East
Immerse in the architectural remains that once made Saigon "Pearl of the Far East"

Street Food
Discover the food of one of the best cities in the world known for street food.

City's must-try desserts and where to find them

How to drink like a Vietnamese local?

Iconic Foods
The most authentic and traditional foods you can't miss in Saigon.